Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manage the staff, tags and location?

As a Muistu customer, you will be able to manage staff, tags and location with the username and password we have provided. A more detailed how-to guide can be found once you login to the system.

Where are those content stored?

All the information is securely stored in the cloud. No information is stored either in the NFC tags or QR codes. We use NFC tags and QR codes just to identify the location.

Can I delete my NFC tags or QR codes of that particular location?

Yes. All NFC tags or QR codes can be managed via our control panel.

Are those NFC tags locked?

Yes. All NFC tags are programmed and locked. No one else will be able to re-program these locked tags.

Where can I buy NFC /QR code stickers for use with Muistu Service?

We will provide them as part of our complete solution.

Can I also order custom / personalized NFC tags or QR code design?

Yes. you can order custom/personalized NFC tags or QR code design with your logo or custom artwork directly from your campaign dashboard.

What kinds of reports can Muistu produce?

Muistu provides a variety of standard and custom reports along with charts.