Solutions - M'tracking


M’tracking is a complete solution to track the number of hours an employee is on site. It also allows employers to effectively organize tasks and routes to the mobile work force remotely. This solution can be utilized by any business that has a mobile workforce including maintenance, care-taking, and construction services.

For example, an electrician receives the task details from the employer to fix the switch at location A. He opens the app and accepts the assigned task. Employer receives the notification that task been accepted. Once he gets to location A, he finds out that switch box is melted and needs replacement. He takes a photo via the Muistu application and sends it to the server to keep as proof. Once the replacement has been made, electrician can write the description and ask the flat owner to sign the task that has been completed. All the information that has been collected will then be synchronized to the server.

Main features of M'tracking

  • Creates tasks and routes remotely and dispatch to the mobile workers’ mobile devices
  • Proof of time to show what time the staff visited the specific client locations (arrival and departure time)
  • Real time view of the staff’s location
  • Panic buttons to notify supervisors in case of emergency
  • Centrally stores all the gathered information

Solution Benefits

  • Time saving
  • Less paper work
  • Reduce inconsistencies and errors associated with manual time tracking
  • Instant web-based view of where cleaner is now, and what doing there
  • Eliminates manual calculation errors (2 to 5% of the payroll)
  • Easily manage multiple locations from any internet connected device in real time
  • Immediate notification of missed visits by the cleaner
  • Fastest and cost effective way to get in touch with the cleaner
  • Emergency events occurred at the client site can be can be recorded in the form of text, photo, sound, etc.

Generate different reports:

  • Total employee work hours by cleaners on site
  • Cleaners overtime hours
  • Incomplete time card reports
  • Unscheduled employee absences